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Secure Tablet Design

Our educational systems are designed to be the most secure, yet flexible. We enable people to learn in any environment leveraging open standards and platforms.

  • Corrections- Grade Durability
  • Wi-Fi Optional
  • Secure USB
  • Secured OS
  • Custom UI


The perfect solution for charging, syncing and securing multiple tablets at once.

  • USB Charge
  • Sync Digital Content
  • Corrections-Grade Durability
  • Key Accessible

LMS - Learning Management System

Customized instructional platform to administer educational training and course materials.

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Reports / Exports
  • Responsive, Intuitive Design

Digital Content Provider

Direct re-seller of content on all platforms.

  • Textbooks, Audio Books, and Trade Books
  • LMS Packages
  • Games
  • Multimedia


IDS offers customized support services for any organization seeking to leverage the advantages of using digital technology to advance education ranging Our services range from product creation, customization, secure device design, technical management, and content acquisition.

Software Development

  • Linux
  • PHP
  • .net
  • iOS
  • Android

Software System Integration

  • Enterprise Level
  • Architecture Evaluation
  • Component Development
  • Risk Management

Licensed Content Distributor (Rental and Sales)

  • eTextbooks and Other Media
  • Save 30-40% Over Traditional Textbooks.
  • Transfer eContent Between Tablets
  • K-12 and Adult Education Materials

Educational Content Creation

  • Video Production
  • Certified Curriculum
  • Instruction

about us

Since 2009, our business has been driven by these core principles: 1. Collaborative relations built on trust and capabilities 2. A culture of openness and distributed knowledge 3. A thirst for creating innovative products and services 4. The desire to exceed customer and partner expectations

The Leadership

Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr.


Phylanice Nashe, J.D.

Co-Founder; Chief Legal Counsel

Alisa Malone

Chief Operating Officer


TEDxNashville | Dr. Turner Nashe

Oct 23, 2015

Dr. Nash outlines the thought leadership that has helped organizations transition from the mental models of an ego-system to the 21st century eco-system. His talk highlights inventions that represent innovative approaches to the use of digital technology as the means to accelerate human development and social performance…

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Innertainment Delivery Systems broadens footprint – Venture Nashville Connections

Jul 03, 2015

INNERTAINMENT Delivery Systems (IDS), the tech-enabled Nashville company supporting content delivery for users within secure environments, plans to broaden its footprint and will consider its capital requirements in 2H 2015…

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CorrectionEd Platform provides steady education access for inmates

Mar 26, 2015

Steady access to education while in prison might be the linchpin of a broader strategy to reduce recidivism, according to Tedx Nashville presenter Dr. Turner Nashe…

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White Paper
An Analysis of Factors That Impact Inmate Participation In GED Programs
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